We have a wide range of clean and comfortable dorm beds ranging from FREE after you pay for your first night inc fan, $2 fan, and $3 for our luxury AC dorm with en-suite or you can get a room with fan and private bathroom from $8 a night. There is 130 beds in 12 different rooms so we always have plenty of space, bookings aren't required.

Free - After you pay $2 for your first night. Two 16 bed dorms over looking the swimming pool, each with their own bathrooms.

$2.00 - Cosy 8 person dorm rooms with fans, reading lights and share bathrooms.

$2.00 - Upstairs in the breeze is a 12 bed fan dorm and a doubles dorm with 4 bunks and fans (reserved for couples)

$3 - Two 10 person AC luxury dorms, with an en-suite and dividers making them ideal for couples

$3 - 24 bed dorm room with AC and dividers for the couples, the social dorm.

$8 - Cosy private fan room with private bathroom and a double bed.

Would you like to staying for free and experiencing a little more of Cambodia? It’s easy, just join Team Utopia and let the party begin. Joining Team Utopia means helping us out behind the bar or with promotions and all this involves is having a good time and wanting to party. If you're good at what you do you can drink for free, get free accommodation, 50% off food and $5 a day in the hand. It’s an experience you'll remember for a life time.

Dorm beds